Hi, I'm Matt 👋

I'm passionate about growing people and businesses.

The who's who

I started my first business when I was 18 and learned everything the hard (but fun) way, failing fast and often.

Fast forward over 15 years, and I'm now the Chief Performance Officer (CPO) at Webprofits, Australia's largest independent digital consultancy, leading a team of talented performance marketers across APAC & the US. I pride myself on being both the problem-solver and strategist, and the tactical executer that gets his hands dirty.

Marketer, Strategist & Educator

6 things to know about me:

1. I'm originally from Yorkshire in England, and possess a very strong (and sometimes hilarious) accent, despite 10+ years on Aussie soil.
2. I love the iterative process and constant pursuit for improvement in marketing - it's why I still do it, over a decade in.
3. I leverage my own tried-and-tested frameworks and approaches  in combination with a keen eye for data to scale businesses fast.
4. I hustle, and I always get the job done - with a smile on my face.
5. I'm (semi) obsessed with AI. Particularly the application in teams and through business to enable speed, efficiency and value.
6. I'm a straight-shooter that'll tell you how it is. Honesty is the best policy in my books.

Matthew Siddle, Teaching at Academy Xi

What I do

Performance is in my blood. I specialise in everything digital and growth marketing.

My experience, both tactical and strategic, has been built through years of first-hand, practical application, and my approach to every business, project and client is tailored based on their core goal.

Whether you need to plan a go-to-market and expand overseas, setup and scale your ads whilst crafting killer landing pages & nurture sequences, analyse cohorts to address churn and boost retention, or activate your latest referral loop idea - I've done it all, and everything in-between, and I can help.


From go-to-market (GTM) strategies through to market share growth, I'll give you a tailor-made plan and framework to get to the next level.

Audits & 
Opportunity Spotting

I'll audit what you're doing now, both tactically and strategically, to find the biggest areas of opportunity for growth based on the data.

Growth Marketing Consulting

Both training and application: I use various different growth frameworks to grow your product and business, fast.

Education, Teaching & Speaking

Everything and anything in digital or growth. I can train your team, host workshops or speak at your next event or conference.

Projects & Setups

Struggling with an ad platform, or is a process weighing you down? I can apply years of agency experience to get the job done personally or with AI

Matthew Siddle, teaching at Academy Xi

My 'why'

"The WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us." - Simon Sinek.

I know, cliché of me to quote Simon Sinek. But, my headline isn’t just a cheesy intro line, it’s 100% true.

My purpose and goal is to instill growth into everything I touch - whether that’s directly through my own work, or through passing knowledge to others, that they can then apply to their business(es) and lives.

I've worked with some amazing brands

From sole-traders to NASDAQ listed, I’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes, on almost every continent.

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Awards and trophies in my cabinet

Awards aren't the goal, but they're nice to have. Here's a few awards I've won for either myself, or my clients.

SEMRush Awards
Google Premier Partner Awards
Microsoft Awards
Australian Marketing Institute (AMI)
Real Estate Business (REB) Awards
Matt Siddle at the Google Awards 2020Matt Siddle at the Google Premier Partner Awards 2020

The proof is in the pudding (and in testimonials)

Here's some kind words from people and businesses I’ve worked with recently.

Testimonial Image

I’m a big Matt fan. He’s an expert marketer, extremely diligent and great to work with. I reached out to him for some assistance to help shape the growth team structure at Spriggy, which then led to additional pieces of work based on a great first interaction. I described an approach to a new channel I’d like to test over a call, gave him the permissions to the account and he sorted everything out. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who is looking for an expert marketer.

Jake Baker

Head of Growth, Spriggy
Testimonial Image

Matt has led our digital strategy for coming up to 2 years now, and we've seen consistent growth across the board. From strategic advice and direction, through to tactical knowledge and execution, the team have partnered with the LJ Hooker group to level up our existing strategy, from standalone, seasonal campaigns, to growth-focused, performance based campaigns that have helped us to understand and unlock the potential of digital across our 500+ franchise network, and more recently WIN the Best Marketing & Digital Campaign trophy in our industry, at the REB Awards 2020.

James McGregor, Head of Marketing, LJ Hooker

James McGregor

Head of Marketing, LJ Hooker (Corporate)
Testimonial Image

Matt is one of the hardest working and dedicated leaders I know – he is truly someone who will put the interests of the team before his own. I can recall multiple instances where I've observed Matt face difficult goals or stakeholder challenges, and he has always approached these situations with integrity and commitment. As a leader, in these situations, Matt has a natural ability to inspire action, garnering trust and confidence from his clients and teams. This quality is a testament to his capacity to build strong and meaningful relationships. Personally and professionally, I've learnt a lot working with Matt over the last two and a half years.

Brendan Connaughton

Growth Lead, AirWallex
Testimonial Image

Matt is a hard working, very impressive growth marketer with a fun easy to get along with, cheeky personality which people love to be around.

I would definitely recommend him to any client or company who wants to grow their business through innovative marketing and have a good time whilst they do it.

Duncan Jones

Head of Marketing, Cluey Learning (ASX: CLU)
Testimonial Image

From the moment I met Matt, his energy was contagious & inspiring. On his 1st course, he exceeded every KPI and expectation set by achieving a +100NPS score and 10/10 rating from his students in the Growth Marketing course. He's extremely knowledgeable as well as approachable - and creates a great learning environment in the class making it a point to breakdown from theory, best practices and application to respective student's project. He embraces every challenge with open arms and mind and always seeks for personal growth, which is why we've kept bringing him to further contracts at Academy Xi: from course delivery to online mentoring to content writing. He's excelled in every single challenge.

Frank Guzman, General Manager, Academy Xi

Frank Guzman

General Manager, Academy Xi

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